Our design priority is to create functionally and aesthetically pleasing spaces that combine high-end products and superior craftsmanship. Using the latest technology, we offer our clients first-class custom design solutions that accommodate cost-conscious budgets.


Our vast experience in luxury home improvement enables our detail-oriented staff to suggest the right products to meet the right budget.

Order Guarantees:

Before initiating an order, we follow a 30-step process to guarantee manufacturing of the correct custom cabinetry.


In partnership with Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinetry, we have developed a first-class product. Our multi-step finishing process and application procedures are constantly being refined to produce furniture quality finishes, while Elmwood's commitment to detail and quality is reminiscent of Old Mennonite craftsmanship.


Our logistics department verifies that all deliveries are organized with job superintendents to ensure seamless operation. Furthermore, all staff members are trained and highly informed on all products we offer.


From the design stage, to plumbing and electric, to manufacturing, delivery, and installation, we diligently oversee every step of the project and professionally install all products that we sell.

Project Management:

All projects have a direct Project Manager to oversee each step in the process. Project Managers also coordinate with the installers and superintendents assigned to each project.


All of our products include extended warranties and our service department endeavors to make sure that our customers remain happy – even years after installation.


We are a dynamic company committed to our customers. Within all of our projects, we strive to foster craftsmanship, aesthetics, professionalism, and innovation – making every interaction with our customer a positive and memorable experience.

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