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From the inception of Planning & Building Inc. in 1991, Oscar and Cristina Urreiztieta have been focused on cultivating a customer-centric experience that enables individuals to turn their visions into reality. Our goal is to provide superior craftsmanship, innovative custom designs, and a complete integrated experience that will deliver a finished product that exceeds customer expectations. In the last three decades, the company has developed a niche in the high-end household market in South Florida while continuing to implement new resources to amend market expectations. However, we are very adamant about staying true to the principles that the company was built on: design, quality, and customer satisfaction.


Throughout the expansion of the company, we have assembled a skilled team that is trained and prepared to deliver high quality results that are personalized for you. We allocate a considerable amount of resources in research and development to ensure that our offerings are in line with the latest trends in the market. In order to have an edge on our competition, we travel globally to trade shows and consult with manufacturing companies to deliver unique designs and products for our customers. Let our team of specialists assist you in the process of creating the home of your dreams.

Company information

Our expertise in each project we design ranges from fine custom cabinetry to countertops, hardware, plumbing, lighting and more. With a cumulative average of 25 years of experience per team member and over 2,000 projects completed, Planning & Building Inc. has the extensive knowledge to achieve any task, and deliver the results that we pride ourselves on. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to develop an efficient operational process to diligently oversee every step of the project to ensure that our customers are able to live in the space that they have envisioned. We are aware of price-conscious budgets, and will collaborate with our customers in order to meet their needs, and mitigate any impediments that might arise.

Oscar Urreiztieta

Cristina Urreiztieta